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We purchased a laserscan for the BIM department

Accuracy and efficiency are key factors in construction projects. For our BIM (Building Information Management) department, we recently acquired a unique tool that allows us to achieve these goals with amazing speed and accuracy – a laserscanner.

Thanks to laserscan, we are able to produce “point clouds”. These point clouds are used to give us better texture control such as flatness, accuracy of fabrication of elements, proper seating of HVAC routes and elements, cable routing and more. It is no longer necessary to rely on traditional manual measurement methods, which often involve time and risk of error.

One of the main benefits of laserscan is its use in surveying objects as a basis for our design. With accurate data, we can create 3D models of buildings that allow us to better understand their spatial layout and create more efficient designs. Additionally, when taking a building passport, laserscan is an invaluable tool that provides detailed information about every element of a building.

We are introducing this service to our clients as a full-fledged standard because it can collect the necessary data faster.



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