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We have expanded our services to include Construction Site Logistics Management

As of 2022, RUBY is initiating a new team of specialized staff for CSL (in Czech, ZOV), headed by 30+ year construction veteran Pavel Laznicka.

Initially, RUBY needed to ensure the proper functioning of CSL for project under their management to insure that all processes worked smoothly during the both the design execution phase of projects. Once clients learned of this methodology, they too began to request it’s use on their site to provide orderly planning and execution of physical works on their civil engineering programs.

Pavel Láznička

We asked Pavel Laznicka, our CSL specialist, about what CSL projects are, what services the RUBY team provides and who they are primarily intended for.

Pavel, can you give an overview about the specific projects?

Pavel Láznička: These are projects which the basic concept of construction organisation is addressed, including site facilities and on site movement timing of both materials and execution Teams (contractors) at any stage of the construction project.

For whom are these CSL services tailored?

Pavel Láznička: Our services are based on many years of practical knowledge of CSL, construction technologies and especially practical experience. They are especially appreciated by project designers, building contractors and RE developers.

How does current legislation see CSL?

Pavel Láznička: CSL is required by the Building Act for the planning permit, building permit, and occasionally documentation for construction management. We at RUBY also offer activities beyond the requirements of the Building Act, e.g. studies, contractors' needs, etc. – this is especially useful for the method we use called Construction Management where time effectivity and planning must be as efficient as possible.

What is meant by this, what added value does the client receive with CSL?

Pavel Láznička: Our deliverables span individual construction phases, time schedules, indicative and contractor schedules, documents for acoustic studies, requirements for the involvement of other specialists such as traffic engineers and links to the preparation of HSE plans.

You mentioned that CSL services offer more than what is required by regulations. Can you expand on that?

Pavel Láznička: It is not just the classical "designers" CSL, but a method based on many years of experience in physically operating on demanding and complicated construction sites. We take into consideration the needs of construction technologies, specific site conditions and client’s requirements, which may be stressful in the environment that the project finds itself in.

Our CSL projects demonstrate technical, temporal and spatial feasibility as well as the appropriate method of construction on the construction site in terms of the use of cause-and-effect mechanisms, existing buildings, space for administration, and social facilities, transport accessibility, temporary connection to utilities, health and safety during the construction execution phase, including the expected construction period.

Thank you for your time.



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