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We have completed the designs for a new Premiere Cinemas multiplex cinema in Karlovy Vary

RUBY Project Management drafted and processed project documentation for Premiere Cinemas, as part of the new extension of the Varyáda shopping centre in Karlovy Vary. The shopping centre will feature six new screening rooms equipped with the latest projection and sound technology, including Premiere VIP seating with comfortable recliners.

The entire project has been divided into two key phases. In the first phase, we designed the shell and core section of the 2,600 m2 site, including the building foundations, cladding, roof construction and preparation for the technical equipment. In the second phase, the complete fit-out of the cinema halls, VIP lounge, connecting corridors and operational facilities was designed, including all the building's technical equipment such as air conditioning, cooling, heating, electrical installations as well as the building's interior acoustics and sound system for the cinema halls themselves. 

This project has shown us once again that it is crucial for our clients to be able to explore the planned space in detail at the earliest stages of the project. During the design process, we offered the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the future space using special VR viewscreen glasses. This innovative way of presentation, available in the initial stages of the design process, allowed the client to have a detailed view of every aspect of the project, especially the spatial layout, including utilities. In addition, the large-format screen provided the ability to view the shared image in real time and fine-tune any potential operational equipment of structural  collisions.



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