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We have completed another stage of extensive reconstruction at the Savarin Palace in the city centre of Prague

We are managing and coordinating the challenging and extensive reconstruction of the historically listed Savarin Palace in Prague on Na Příkopě Street for Czech developer CRESTYL, where the second stage of the construction works has now been completed. The RUBY Project Management team provided Project Management services under the guidance of Alan Vavroch, one of our senior level engineers.

This stage included the restoration of the Na Příkopě Street section of the building, which includes the Piano Nobile halls, the stair hall with its beautiful fresco on the vaults and the sculptural decoration of the interior and façade. This was a demanding process that required a great deal of expertise and experience on the part of the restorers, as this is a protected monument whose history dates back to 1773. In the interior of the palace, the main ceremonial staircase in particular has been preserved in its original state. The rococo ceiling stucco, the sculptural statuary of putti and decorative vases on the pillars of the iron railings are the work of the sculptor Ignaz Platzer.

Our team is now working to coordinate prospective tenants and their proposals for interior finishes in the rental units.


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