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We designed an extension of the Technology center completely in 3D and BIM

In our design department, we come up with solutions to the demanding requirements of our clients almost every day.

The project of the Extension of the Škoda Auto Technology Center in Mladá Boleslav required an adjustment of the height of the individual floors to the adjoining levels in the existing Technology Center and to deploy new technology in them due to the movement of the tested cars. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain operations in the existing Technology Center throughout the construction.

Fulfilling this task was possible only thanks to the long-term cooperation of our design department and construction management department in the offices of #Ruby Project Management and using the most modern software equipment for 3D modeling.

We coordinated the individual phases of demolition, construction and relocation of building structures, technology and distribution. "Just like a few years ago, the use of computers in design made it possible to start building objects that would not otherwise be possible to build, today 3D and BIM design allows the construction of an object without limitation of the manufacturing and at the same time eliminates possible collision risks to a minimum."

"Every project is a challenge, but when the client has a clear vision and invests in the construction of new spaces where unique technologies of the future will emerge, we are glad to be there!"

said Pavel Chládek, Senior Designer of RUBY Project Management.



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