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The ORGANICA project in Ostrava nears completion

Under RUBY’s management the unique Organica project in cooperation with the investor, the Czech developer CONTERA, nears completion by use of our proven Construction Management services to effectively manage and coordinate the entire construction process.

Organica has a unique shape in the form of a four-bladed propeller surrounding a circular atrium. It was created on the site of the former Karolina coking plant between Trojhalí and the Forum Nová Karolina shopping centre. It will provide over 25,000 sqm of office and retail space to serve as a modern workplace for up to 2,500 people. The ground floor is comprised of an atrium with greenery, a café, fitness centre, canteen and other retail units.

The project is approaching its final phase and will be completed within a few months. Currently, we are focusing on completing the fit-outs. On the third floor, the interiors are already completely finished. There are approximately 30 contractors on this project, whose activities are coordinated and lead by our team of project and construction managers.



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