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The Julius Prague has attained the LEED Gold certification for sustainability

The renovation of a luxury historic residence, namely The Julius Prague, has secured the prestigious rating for LEED Gold certification, which RUBY PM managed and consulted, to achieve. This award acknowledges the hotel's outstanding level of sustainability and environmental initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection. The project features the placement of green roofs that are irrigated by captured rainwater, from which the water is returned to the water cycle.

Located in the centre of Prague on Senovážné náměstí 3, The Julius Prague is the first development project of the real estate division; House of Julius Meinl. The Julius Prague concept is designed to accommodate short to long term residential design living. Its approach emphasizes the uniqueness of location, respect for the traditions and history of the city and its inhabitants. With a capacity of up to 168 rooms, it offers superior accommodation in a very luxurious design.



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