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Statues have returned to the Savarin Palace facade after six years

One of the milestones of the reconstruction of the Savarin Palace in Prague Na Příkopě was reached last week. The team led by restorer Bohumil Pánek completed the restoration of original five statues and production of copies of seven more for re-installation to their former perches on the palace building. The installation of 11 sculptures in early morning hours before people began to assemble of the busy street, the statues were replaced on the facade and roof of the palace with the help of a large crane and a working platform. The original statues, dating from 1752, were made by the sculptor I.F. Platzer, along with newly made faithful replicas, created using the stone sculpture dotting method. In the future, Savarin Palace will provide non-residential space for rental. We are delighted to manage the renovation and be present throughout the transformation of this unique Baroque monument, which belongs to the portfolio of the developer CRESTYL.

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