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Rustonka project continues with another phase.

RUBY Project Management have been cooperating with our client J&T on the certification of new office campus replacing old brownfield area in Karlín, Prague for several years. In the first and second stages, a total of 4 buildings were constructed on the grounds of the former industrial area. All buildings have gained LEED Gold certification.

In 2021 the project continues with the third stage called RedCourt, a seven-storey office building with a planned using permit in 2Q 2022. While cooperating with our client, we have been working together to meet the evolving requirements for certification of office buildings. What was an above-standard requirement at the beginning is currently a matter of course. In the new building, there will be not only an advanced rainwater management system, but also a bicycle shed with an exit to the adjoining cycle path and a shower on each floor. Stricter criteria for the energy efficiency of the building have also been introduced, as well as new requirements to support electromobility. For us in RUBY, the priority is to respond flexibly to changing requirements and provide the client with a complete service while ensuring certification is granted.


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