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RUBY strengthens BIM Management team

BIM, or Building Information Model, is the cornerstone for the digital transformation of the building construction then lifecycle processes. In connection with the ever-accelerating development of technologies, tools and needs in the architecture, engineering, construction and building management sectors, RUBY Project Management decided to incorporate a new BIM Management department.

Tomáš Čermák, a specialist with more than 10 years of practical experience with Information Management, who joined the company in September of this year, will be responsible for its management and further expansion of the team and the services provided.

RUBY's BIM department provides clients in the commercial and public sector with consultancy services for the development of specifications for contractor selection (OIR, BEP, etc.), assistance in the selection of the project CDE (i.e. Common Data Environment), the role of "BIM Project Manager" and "Data Environment Manager" and audits of specifications throughout the design and construction process. Further, also the provision of assistance in the selection and implementation of the CAFM (Computer-Aided Facilities Management) system and audits the design and implementation using point clouds. Further expansion of the service portfolio will be in direct relation to global trends and in particular the needs of our clients in this area.

"Accurate and immediately available information is extremely important today. The speed at which tools for the digital presentation of building and infrastructure features are evolving is enormous. I am proud that we have such leaders in the field as Tomáš Čermák in our group and that thanks to his and our other experts' long experiences, we can direct our clients towards the most suitable way of deploying the BIM method on projects, not only in terms of data, but also in terms of systems and processes," said Roman Zámečník, CEO.



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