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Rohanský ostrov is changing!

Two new buildings Mississippi House a Missouri Park within River City Prague project conquered yet another milestone.

The topping out a symbol of successful completion of the concrete superstructure was marked by erecting a „Glajcha“ a tradition of placing a tree on the highest point of the structure.

This point was reached just 9 months from the onset of the construction.

All other works are ongoing in full speed including the facade which at the end will have one of the most efficient parameters in the Central Europe region. Thanks to this and other attributes, buildings comply with various sustainable requirements and target LEED Platinum a WELL Platinum level certification.

„I am confident that once completed, both projects Mississippi House and Missouri Park will represent the new urban benchmark of the entire Karlin district,“ says Ondřej Piska, project manager RUBY Project Management.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project!



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