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Rohan Island on the Vltava River in Prague is experiencing changes beyond recognition

The first stage of development of new modern apartment buildings and two office buildings is progressing rapidly on Rohan Island between district Karlín and the Vltava River. This project marks a significant brownfield transformation.

The first four residential buildings and their corresponding infrastructure are currently being completed in this revitalised Rohan City district is under the leadership of our team leader, Jan Mach. For the developer Sekyra Group, RUBY Project Management provides Project Management services; composed of planning, management, coordination and technical support of the entire construction works along with close monitoring of costs, time scheduling and quality supervision.

At the same time, our second team, headed by Jiří Koudelka, is continuing Construction Management services (Trade package management in the stead of a General Contractor) at a fast pace in the construction of the office administration area, which was designed by architects Eva Jiřičná and Jakub Cígler.



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