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Our Design and Engineering work

RUBY Project Management, not only manages the construction works of large and complicated projects, but we also provide DESIGNS and ENGINEERING! Our design department has been an integral part of our company since the very beginning of our presence on the market. For the last 14 years, we have been designing many diverse types of projects, ranging from complex office and residential buildings to large-scale industrial and manufacturing complexes. Our range can be defined from urban planning  for new neighbourhoods to niche projects like cinema concepts.

We approach our design work through the use of the Building Information Management (BIM) method, which carefully documents all the parameters and features of the designed object and, when used correctly, automatically monitors the correct arrangement of all the designed elements in a 3D model to avoid collisions of structural or technical elements. Thanks to the intensive use of this technology, we are able to identify potential problems in advance and propose optimal solutions in the early stages of design.

This way of working minimises the costs associated with future on-site modifications and in many cases helps to identify problematic areas that subsequently dealt with in the design stage resolved before execution, overall leading to accelerat

ed construction.

These technologies and workflows during the design phase have been used, for example, for several specific projects for new Doosan Bobcat from their administration HQ to process manufacturing buildings, the expansion of the ŠKODA AUTO Emission Centre, the central and oft overlooked office building of Terminal 1 - Prague Airport and the Nová Rýmařovská residential project. We would like to thank our clients for the trust they have placed in us to utilize our new innovative design processes to prepare project documentation for their unique projects.



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