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ORGANICA grows to new heights

An office building with a focus on environmental elements is experiencing exponential growth.

The third floor is under completion and the subterranean areas are now undergoing partition walling and electro installations along with heating and cooling distribution networks. The façade foundation elements are underway and earthworks continue on site for communications and future green areas. Current packages under procurement are tenders for interior fitouts.

The footprint of ORGANICA in the Karolina District of regional city Ostrava is in the shape of a four-blade propeller or some have said, it looks like an interstellar module. This futuristic concept is backed up with the most modern building technologies; all interior systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation and ergonomics use Smart technologies and designs.

RUBY PM is carrying out their services for developer’s Contera utilizing the Construction Management method, where all works are tendered, managed and organized around individual specialized supplier contractors rather than by one single general contractor.



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