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Construction works at the Nusle Brewery Residential Project are progressing successfully

During the extensive reconstruction and transformation of the original Nusle Brewery, which we as RUBY Project Management are managing in the form of Project Management, a 100-year-old message was discovered from one Václav Nádvorník, the mason who built some of the walling in January 1924, it was found inside a load bearing wall. In the long hidden message, he recorded the prices of food at the time, described how the winter was going and added a theatre poster of a popular musical.

The historic Nusle Brewery development is the site of a century of developments and minor historical events. Therefore, all ongoing work is being carried out under the strict supervision of the Department of Historic Preservation and the National Historic Preservation Office to preserve the historic value of these buildings. The works currently underway are the restoration of the facade cornices, double casement window and other decorative plaster elements on the facade.


As part of the improvement for accessibility to the whole area, a new footbridge over the Botič creek is being prepared to connect the commercial passage under construction with Křesomyslova Street.

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