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Construction Management on the Rohan City A1 Office Building

Our company continues its successful cooperation in the development project of Sekyra Group called Rohan City.

As of June 2022, another phase of construction was kicked off - the A1 office building, with a total area of 13,351 sqm, is the flagship structure for the newly built modern business district on the Rohan Peninsula on the Vltava River in Prague's Karlín.

The eight-storey building, will provide 10,340 sqm of leasable commercial space and was designed by the world-renowned architect Eva Jiřičná. In addition to an attractive design, it will offer flexible use of space and economical operation with "smart building" elements.

Our dedicated team is providing Construction Manager services for Sekyra Group which means the management and coordination of all relevant providers on site as there is no involvement of a general contractor.

The anticipated completion date is December 2023.



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