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Complete project documentation in BIM

The RUBY Design team works on all projects for local and international clients in 3D using the BIM method.

BIM (Building Information Model) has indisputable and unquestionable advantages for our work as designers and especially for our clients, who can already see what their future building will look like in the early stages of the project. By using virtual reality headgear, they can walk through their future building, an invaluable experience for the perception of future space, even before shovel meets ground.

Project documentation prepared using the BIM method also eliminates duplication errors and allows changes to be easily and quickly reflected on all levels and fields of design documentation.

CDE (Common Data Environment) is a system where all documents are catalogued and evidenced (including versioning over time). These primarily include 3D digital models and drawings and their parametric data, additionally also all communication and related processes are recorded.

As an example, we present a realistic snapshot of the technical background of a production facility and its subsequent representation using the BIM method, including technical infrastructure management.



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