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120,000 sqm of modern offices

The year 2021 was a very successful year for RUBY Project Management. Three commercial and administrative complexes with a total area of 120,000 sqm were completed, managed by our Construction Management team. These were Bořislavka Centrum in Prague on Evropská street, Mississippi House and Missouri Park in the River City Prague on Rohanské nábřeží and Envelopa Office Center in Olomouc. In addition, two of the projects have won awards in prestigious competitions.


Modern business and administrative centres with elements of "smart" buildings

Source: RUBY Project Management

Bořislavka Centrum uses air recuperation, intelligently controlled lighting, green roofs and electric car chargers.

For its architecture, quality and, above all, sustainability, the project won the "Best International Office Development" award in the International Property Awards.

Another achievement is winning the Best of Realty 2021 competition, in the categories of Environmental Project of the Year and New Office Centres.


Source: CA Immo

The Mississippi House and Missouri Park with

"smart building" features include completely touchless access, intelligent indoor climate control with carbon dioxide level monitoring, intelligent LED lighting with dynamic control of color temperature and light intensity.

They utilize geothermal energy as the primary source for heating and cooling, advanced waste recycling, and conservation of rainwater.



The Envelopa Office Center uses integrated control of all the building's technological functions (BMS) and is heated and cooled by induction beams. The glass façade includes openable sections. The building was the first in Central Moravia to receive LEED Gold precertification, which was provided by the RUBY Project Management team.

The project was awarded 2nd place in the Best of Realty 2021 competition, in the New Administrative Centres category.


We would like to thank our clients KKCG Group, CA IMMO and REDSTONE REAL ESTATE for their trust and our implementation team for their excellent work.



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