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10 year in business

We are proud to announce that in November 2020 we are celebrating the completion of our tenth year in the construction business!

Reaching this milestone it’s good to reflect on how far we have come. Ten years ago we started as a business unit of an international company. As years pass, we have worked on 85 outstanding projects and now we are one of the market leaders among consulting and engineering companies.

A year ago, we became independent and have continued to work for our international and regional clients under the new name of RUBY Project Management. Thanks to consistant growth, today we are working on large and prestigious contracts and creating interesting opportunities for our employees. Exceptional people is our professional advantage.

We always strive to deliver quality services in the field of consulting, construction management, architecture and design services.

Thank you to all our co-workers who have been involved in building the company over the past decade.We thank our partners for their great cooperation on many successful projects.

We thank all our clients for their repeated trust in many amazing projects. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to another 10 successful years!

You can watch a short video where we not only commemorate several important completed projects, but also showcase some key projects that we are currently working hard on.



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